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announce-instructional-film-bookingFilm booking is a service granting PCC faculty easy access to videos for their instructional and classroom use. PCC Library owns over 10,000 videos on VHS and DVD and provides access to thousands more through library accounts with KanopyFilms on Demand, and Netflix. Instructional film booking allows faculty to request film, video, and media materials from library collections for a specified period of time in order to ensure that the materials are available when the instructor needs them most.

How does it work?

Searching for videos

  • Do an advanced search in the PCC Library search using author, subject, title or keywords. Consider limiting the search by “Format” (e.g. “DVD Video”) in order to browse only those types of materials. Remember to write down the titles and call numbers of any items under consideration for film booking.
  • Having trouble finding appropriate materials? Contact us, visit a campus library for help, or inquire about Films on Demand, Kanopy or Netflix holdings.

Submitting requests

  • Fill out the film booking form. This form will ask for information regarding the item, the pick up location, and the time period the item is required.
  • A PCC film booking technician will send a confirmation email to the instructor after the booking is processed.
  • Requests should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the date needed.
  • Film booking may not be able to fill requests made less than three weeks in advance of the date needed.

Picking up film booking requests

Films booked for instruction will be made available at the Checkout desk of the designated pickup location on the date requested.

Frequently asked questions

Why place a film booking request?

Placing a film booking request provides the best chance of materials ready for class use. Film booking requests help prevent others from placing holds or checking out the materials too close to the start date of a booking request.

Does a booking guarantee the materials will be available?

The library cannot guarantee that the item will be available. Patrons may return items late, materials may be missing from the shelves, etc. Library staff will keep in contact with instructors if the booking request cannot be filled for any reason. If the booking request cannot be filled, library staff will work with the instructors to identify suitable replacement material if necessary.

What counts as instructor use?

Library-owned videos can be booked for instructional purposes. Instructor use is considered: previewing a video for a class and checking out an item to show in the classroom.

Locations and types of videos

  • Main video collection
    • Located in the general shelves of each PCC campus library
    • Normally a 3 week checkout plus two renewals
  • Course reserve videos
    • Located behind the Checkout desk of each campus library
    • 2-hour (some are longer), in-library use only
    • Course reserve collection can include classroom-produced media and special departmental instructional media
    • These items may not be booked for instructional use but may be useful to faculty for reference
  • Other videos

Can I access equipment to view the film?

Small TV/VHS and DVD players with earphones are in some libraries but cannot leave the building. Ask at any Checkout desk for more details. If no equipment is available, most videos may be viewed in a PCC Computer lab for previewing purposes. Contact Media Services to request equipment for use in the classroom. See: Schedule Audiovisual Equipment

Why do I need to make a request so far in advance?

The library needs a minimum of three weeks to get the requested item to your pick up location. An item may be at another location which will require processing at both locations as well as shipping time. Additionally the item could be checked out, or otherwise unavailable, in which case the film booking technician would need time to identify a replacement or comparable item.

What about Summit and interlibrary loan?

Summit and interlibrary loan (ILL) are great alternatives for instructors when PCC does not have a particular item of interest. Both Summit and interlibrary loan (ILL) have different loaning periods and take varied amounts of time to arrive at PCC. This may make viewing a video on a specific date more difficult. Summit and interlibrary loan (ILL) requests should be made at least one week before the materials will be needed.

How do I use Netflix appropriately?

Netflix items are loaned like any other library item. To request something specifically from Netflix’s holdings, leave a note in the “notes” field indicating that on the film booking form.

What is Films on Demand?

Films on Demand is a database of thousands of high-resolution streaming videos organized by subject. For academic research as well as general interest, this collection includes archival and newsreel films as well as career and technical videos. The Films on Demand Help Center is available for instructors and accessible at any time. A film booking technician may use this database to fill a film booking request when a physical copy is not available. For class use, there must be access to the internet in order to stream the content from this service.

How do I get help scheduling films or videos?

Contact a film booking technician at 971-722-7433 or
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