Library Fines

Sylvania LibraryLibrary fines accrue for items that are returned late or kept past their due date. The amount of the fine is determined by the type of item borrowed. Fines help to ensure that items are returned within a certain period of time so that they are available for PCC students, faculty, staff, and community members when needed. See Loan Periods and Fines for details about specific fines.

Pay Fines

You can pay your fines online with a MasterCard or Visa credit card.

If you prefer to use another method of payment, visit the Student Account Services Office at your campus.

Food for Fines

You can donate food items to reduce any overdue fines. Learn more at Donate Food & Get Rid of Library Fines.

Appeal Fines

Please submit the form for Library Account Questions to appeal library charges if there are special factors that justify a reduction or cancellation of library charges or if the charges were made in error.

Appeals must be made within 60 calendar days of the original charge. Patrons can expect a response within three business days or sooner.


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