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ADA Services

The Library and Media Services strive to accommodate users with disabilities in a variety of ways.

PCC Office for Students with Disabilities

PCC Library and Media Services works closely with the Office for Students with Disabilities in making various accommodations for disabled users. This office has ultimate responsibility for monitoring and implementing ADA compliance.


  • Adaptive computer equipment is available in all libraries
  • All television equipment has closed caption translators as standard equipment.

Purchasing Materials

  • The library always purchases films and videos with closed captions or sub-titles when they are available.
  • The library lobbies video vendors to increase the availability of closed caption materials by noting its preference with every video ordered.
  • The library encourages faculty to be aware of the need for closed captioning when they make a purchase request.

Captioned Materials

Captioned materials can be located in the PCC Library Search.

Web pages

The Library and Media Services work actively to assure that library and instructional web pages are usable by visually impaired users.

Closed captioning and technology issues

  • The Telecommunications Act of 1996 included requirements that people with disabilities have access to information distributed via new technologies. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the regulatory body that makes the rules as to how that happens. The Commission's Disabilities Issues Task Force researches the issue. Consult the FCC Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for additional information about closed captioning for video programs and "disability friendly" web pages. Many groups around the country are actively working on guidelines and policies to implement the law.
  • The library's collection of older films and videos is under review to confirm whether or not closed captions are present.
    • Inventory records in the online catalog will include a note if captions are found.
    • Caption information will have an index entry so users can search for captioned materials.
    • OSD may be able to find funding to add captions to those without.
    • OSD will provide translation assistance if non-captioned films are required viewing for any class.
    • If new purchases do not have a vendor-supplied close caption indicator (a "CC" enclosed in a stylized TV box) the new item will automatically be reviewed.