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Room reservations

Kristen Waddell

I've just started as Library Supervisor here at the Sylvania library and am so excited to join the PCC community! I started working in libraries part time in high school and never left. After receiving my Master's in Library Science, I worked as a librarian in public libraries for about four years. As Library Supervisor, I will be managing the Sylvania library and working with some wonderful staff and students!

Amber Quinn

I am very excited to join the PCC library system and community!  I have been involved with libraries (public and academic) in some capacity since 2004.  As the supervisor of Cascade Library, I am in charge of managing the library and helping students resolve issues with their library accounts.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors.

Will Parnell

I am excited to be living in Portland and working at PCC as a Library Supervisor. Although new to PCC, I have deep roots in libraries stretching back nearly 20 years. As a Library Supervisor, part of my role is to manage the library and oversee building issues. Mostly, I have the pleasure of working with PCC staff and students which I thoroughly enjoy.

In my free time, I am committed to hiking all 80+ miles of Forest park trails and generally enjoying the splendid outdoor activities and amazing food and beverage options that make Portland such a great place to live.

Kevin Edwards

I have worked in public and academic libraries since 2005.

As someone recently remarked, I am one of those "rare unicorns that are born and raised in Portland, Oregon." I am also an alumnus of PCC, which I credit for teaching me how to be a successful student and for laying the foundation for all my future academic achievements. I am grateful for the opportunity to return to PCC in order to help others get wherever they want to go and find the information that will help take them there. 

Debbi Lomax

I am the office support for the PCC Libraries. While I am not a Librarian, I have spent most of my time here at PCC around books. After two years attending PCC full time, I started work at the PCC Bookstore at the Sylvania campus—way back in 1996.

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