Find a Specific Journal or Magazine

If you want to know if PCC Library subscribes to a specific journal or magazine follow these steps:

1. Use the library search.
2. Make sure the “PCC Library & Summit” tab is selected.
3. Enter a journal title into the search box and click the search button.


4. On the left side of the screen, look for the “Format” section and select “Journals”(select the “More options” link if you don’t see “Journals” in the list).


Electronic journals

If PCC Library subscribes to the title, you will see the words “Online Access” next to a green dot. To access the journal/magazine electronically:

  • Select the “View it” link to see a list of database links to the title.
  • Select one of the links to go directly to the title.
  • You can now browse by date, or look for links like “Search within this publication” to find articles.


Print journals

If the library has it in print you will see the words “Available at” followed by a campus location next to a green dot. To request the journal:

  • To see the exact campus location, select the “Availability & Request Options” link.
  • Select a link next to the “Request Options” heading to request a specific journal or magazine issue.


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