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[Limit: 10 simultaneous users] From the National Fire Protection Association, this online edition provides access to the current National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

[Limit: 10 simultaneous users] The National Fire Protection Association's codes and standards. This online edition provides access to the complete set of nearly 300 codes. The NEC (National Electric Code) is also available in the National Fire Codes as NFPA 70.

Full text searchable content from and New York Times blogs from 1980 to the present. 

Full text for regional U.S. newspapers, international newspapers, news wires, newspaper columns as well as 24 TV and radio news transcripts. Also contains indexing and abstracts for national newspapers.

Offers researchers looking for answers to nursing or allied health questions millions of articles found in over 1,100 journals. Provides full-text coverage of many of the titles cited in CINAHL.

Designed for nursing students, the Nursing Resource Center brings together in an easy-to-use interface disease and drug overviews, care plans, relevant journal results and animated anatomy and physiology diagrams to complement the core encyclopedia texts.