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Appealing Library Charges

Library charges may be appealed if the charges were made in error or if there are extenuating circumstances, warranting a reduction or cancellation of the charges. Appeals must be made within 60 calendar days of the original charge. An email response will be sent to an appeal within 2 weeks.

Reasons generally NOT regarded as valid for canceling or reducing charges:

  • Lack of knowledge of library policy
  • Disagreement with fine or fee structure
  • Inability to pay fees and charges
  • Material loaned to a third party
  • Non-receipt or late receipt of library reminder notice
  • Items returned to libraries other than the PCC library
  • Being out of town
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Term breaks, illness, leaves, vacation, exams, car problems, etc.

If an appeal is not granted, fines can be paid here or donate food for fines.

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