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Native American (RD 115)

The antelope wife : a novel

Erdrich, Louise

HarperPerennial 1999

In an attack on an Indian village, a U.S. cavalryman takes a baby girl, but later gives her back. So beings a multi-generational saga on the girl's descendants as they navigate between modern life and ancient tradition.

The painted drum

Erdrich, Louise

Harper Perennial 2006

Faye Travers, a middle-aged divorcee and specialist in Native American antiquities, discovers a rare ceremonial drum while assessing the estate of a New Hampshire man descended from an Indian agent, and, when she hears the sound of the drum without even touching the instrument, she feels compelled to steal it and return it to a North Dakota reservation where its remarkable history is revealed.


Hillerman, Tony

Harper 2011

Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee investigate three murders that show signs of Navajo witchcraft.

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