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Hispanic American (RD 115)

Always running : La Vida Loca, gang days in L.A.

Rodriguez, Luis J.

Touchstone 2005

A former L.A. gang member describes his experiences in that world, recounting the sense of security and power found in a gang and the grim reality of violence and poverty.

Bodega dreams

Quinonez, Ernesto

Vintage Contemporaries 2000

The word is out in Spanish Harlem: Willy Bodega is king. Need college tuition for your daughter? Start-up funds for your fruit stand? Bodega can help. He gives everyone a leg up, in exchange only for loyalty--and a steady income from the drugs he pushes. Bodega turns to Chino, a smart, promising young man, for a favor. Chino is drawn to Bodega's street-smart idealism, but soon finds himself over his head, navigating an underworld of switchblade tempers, turncoat morality, and murder.--From publisher description.

The Dirty Girls Social Club

Valdes, Alisa

St. Martin's Paperbacks 2008

The New York Times bestselling novel that is a sensational debut about six friends--each one an unforgettable Latina woman in her late '20s--and the complications and triumphs in their lives.

Lady Q : the rise and fall of a Latin queen

Sanchez, Reymundo Rodriguez, Sonia

Chicago Review Press 2010

Looks at the life of a member of Chicago's Puerto Rican gang the Latin Queens, the female counterpoint of the Latin Kings, and details the years of sexual abuse that began at the age of five and the consequences of breaking the gang's code of silence when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey's local talk show.

Most wanted

Martinez, Michele

HarperTorch 2005

On an innocent evening stroll with her child, Melanie stumbles across a horrifying crime scene. A wealthy former prosecutor from her office has been tortured and murdered, his luxurious town house set ablaze to destroy evidence of the crime. It's the kind of high-profile case that can make her name, and Melanie wants in. Needs in. But what she doesn't realize is that this opportunity will bring her dangerously close to a hard-to-resist FBI agent who may have secrets of his own--and even closer to a dark, sadistic killer who seems to be one step ahead of her every inch of the way.

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