Scholarships: $$ for College

Use this tool to understand how the research skills contained in the course outcomes, or other indicators, align with developmental stages of information literacy and critical thinking. See how PCC Librarians can help support the integration of research concepts and skills at levels appropriate to the course outcomes. This guide was prepared by the PCC librarians for Scholarships: $$ for College (CG 105)

Research support framework

The following shows where Scholarships: $$ for College fits into the Research Support Framework developed by PCC Librarians.

Information literacy developmental stage: 
Perceptual Shift / Skills Instruction
  • I can identify a topic
  • I can identify library services and know which ones can help me
Cognitive domains and information literacy outcomes: 
Information seeking
  • Identifying interests
  • Intellectual and career exploration

Library support of CCOGs

These are the course outcomes and other indicators which require library support.

Intended course outcomes related to information literacy: 
  • Learn to quickly and effectively research a large variety of pertinent scholarships, focusing on the Internet
Outcome assessment strategies relating to information literacy: 
  • Demonstrate research skills by reporting on scholarships for which they are eligible, accessed via internet searches

Course integrated research support

These are the ways that the librarians can support information literacy achievement for the students in this course.

Corresponding information literacy outcomes: 
  1. Identify scholarship providers 
  2. Locate evaluative information about appropriate scholarships
  3. Rank choices for scholarship applications based on predicted outcome


Information literacy instructional objectives: 
  1. Identify professional organizations and associations, as well as local providers,  to search for scholarship information
  2. Use library databases to fact-check and triangulate feedback about potential scholarships and scholarship providers
  3. Understand the usefulness of blogs, groups, and list-servs to learn about the scholarship seeking process


Bridging competencies: 
  • Identify career or degree area of interest
  • Self reflect and identify key characteristics of self
  • Understand concept of encompassing terms