Business Communication

Use this tool to understand how the research skills contained in the course outcomes, or other indicators, align with developmental stages of information literacy and critical thinking. See how PCC Librarians can help support the integration of research concepts and skills at levels appropriate to the course outcomes. This guide was prepared by the PCC librarians for Business Communication (BA 205)

Research support framework

The following shows where Business Communication fits into the Research Support Framework developed by PCC Librarians.

Information literacy developmental stage: 
Information Mediation
  • I can develop a topic
  • I can search a database and get related results
Cognitive domains and information literacy outcomes: 
  • Begin academic writing
  • Begin informational research

Library support of CCOGs

These are the course outcomes and other indicators which require library support.

Intended course outcomes related to information literacy: 
  • Research, write, and edit business documents using on-line and library resources and business software applications common to the contemporary business environment


Other indicators of required information literacy outcomes: 
  • Research skills for printed and Internet sources


Course integrated research support

These are the ways that the librarians can support information literacy achievement for the students in this course.

Corresponding information literacy outcomes: 
  1. Locate library resources relevant to contemporary business topics
  2. Select relevant information sources in a variety of electronic and print formats
  3. Use technologies available through the libraries to create presentations


Information literacy instructional objectives: 
  1. Use the library catalog as a discovery tool for information sources, and differentiate between books and articles
  2. Locate and use relevant databases to select relevant industry or scholarly articles
  3. Identify the technologies available for use or check-out through the libraries


Bridging competencies: 
  • Develop a specific topic statement
  • Identify published, vetted information sources
  • Use synonyms for topic search strategy