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Subject Liaison Librarians

Subject Liaison
ABE/GED Torie Scott
Alcohol & Drug Couns Torie Scott
Anthropology Meredith Farkas
Architecture Des & Draft Allie Flanary
Art Chau Hoang-Fossen
Auto Collision Repair Robin Shapiro
Auto Service Maint Allie Flanary
Aviation Maint Tech Robin Shapiro
Aviation Science Robin Shapiro
Bio/Mgt of Zoo Animals Pam Kessinger
Biology Robin Shapiro
Bioscience Tech Robin Shapiro
Building Construction Robin Shapiro
Business Administration Pam Kessinger
Chemistry Jen Klaudinyi
Civ/Mech Engineering Allie Flanary
College Succ & Career Torie Scott
Comm Studies/Journalism Torie Scott
Composition/Literature Alan Cordle
Computer Aided D&D Chau Hoang-Fossen
Computer Apps and Off Sys Alan Cordle
Computer Info Systems Alan Cordle
Computer Science Alan Cordle
Criminal Justice Torie Scott
Dance Meredith Farkas
Dealer Service Tech Robin Shapiro
Dental Assisting Jen Klaudinyi
Dental Hygiene Jen Klaudinyi
Dental Lab Tech Jen Klaudinyi
Developmental Ed Roberta Richards
Early Ed/Family Studies Meredith Farkas
Economics Tony Greiner
Education Torie Scott
Electronic Engineering Tech Allie Flanary
Emergency Med Svcs Rachel Bridgewater
Emergency Mgt Rachel Bridgewater
Emergency Telecom Rachel Bridgewater
Engineering Allie Flanary
Environmental Studies Robin Shapiro
ESOL Chau Hoang-Fossen
Facilities Maint. Tech Tony Greiner
Fire Protection Tech Rachel Bridgewater
Fitness Tech Jen Klaudinyi
Foods & Nutrition Sara Seely
Geography Tony Greiner
Geology Rachel Bridgewater
Gerontology Jen Klaudinyi
Graphic Design Allie Flanary
Health Information Mgt Rachel Bridgewater
Health Studies Rachel Bridgewater
History Tony Greiner
Hum/CHLA/Religion Roberta Richards
Interior Design Allie Flanary
Lactation Education & consultant Sara Seely
Landscape Technology Pam Kessinger
Library's Credit classes Torie Scott
Machine Mfg. Tech Allie Flanary
Margaret Carter Skills Ctr Torie Scott
Math Pam Kessinger
Medical Assisting Torie Scott
Medical Lab Tech Torie Scott
Mgt. Sup. Development Chau Hoang-Fossen
Microelectronics Tech Sara Seely
Multimedia/Video Rachel Bridgewater
Music Tony Greiner
Music, Professional Tony Greiner
Nursing Jen Klaudinyi
Occupational Skills Training Torie Scott
Opthalmic Med Tech Rachel Bridgewater
Paralegal Torie Scott
Philosophy Roberta Richards
Phys Ed Jen Klaudinyi
Physics Roberta Richards
Political Science Tony Greiner
Psychology Tony Greiner
Radiography Jen Klaudinyi
Real Estate Alan Cordle
Sign Language Interpretation Meredith Farkas
Sociology Sara Seely
Theater Arts Meredith Farkas
Veterinary Tech Pam Kessinger
Welding Sara Seely
Women's Studies Sara Seely
World Languages Alan Cordle