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Donna Reed

Donna Reed
Library Director

I am one of those people in the library community who knew that I wanted to be a librarian – or bookkeeper as I then called it – since I was a young girl. I started working in libraries in 4th grade and over the years have worked in academic, legal, and public libraries. Despite my early passion for librarianship, I postponed graduate school. I received my MLIS in 1996 and spent the next fifteen years managing web services at Multnomah County Library and supporting regional governmental web development efforts.

I enjoy the challenges here at PCC. Today’s library is much different than the libraries of my childhood. The role of the academic library has changed as well. We still have books, answer questions, and provide quiet spaces but PCC Library is a hub of activity that extends well beyond the library walls. Librarians are now educators. They teach students and instructors how to navigate and make sense of today’s complex information environment. Library staff work collaboratively with other libraries to share collections and provide reference services. As Library Director, I have the opportunity to support PCC’s creative, energetic library staff as they develop and deliver services to students, faculty, and the PCC community at large. Now is an exciting time to be in the library profession.

When not at work, I enjoy gardening, music, walking and time with my family. I am adjunct faculty with Emporia State University’s School of Library and Information Management and have recently completed the doctoral program at Oregon State University in the Community College Leadership Program. Hopefully that won’t cancel out the gardening, music, walking, etc.

I love talking to people who use library services and enjoy hearing about people’s library experiences. Please feel free to contact me at any time with ideas, concerns or suggestions.