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Allie Flanary

Allie Flanary
BA (Community Studies), MLS
Faculty Librarian

I am one of those new-fangled nexgen librarians. This means I think a little Facebook is a reasonable part of the work day, believe in blogs as a semi-reliable news source, and also have a few tattoos. I am the new face at the Sylvania campus library but you may have seen me at any of the PCC libraries in the recent past. I think I am extremely lucky; our students are awesome. They keep me on my toes, occasionally toss me a stumper, and never fail to challenge my assumptions–for which I am grateful. They teach me as much as I teach them, I’m sure of it.

I am endlessly fascinated by the world. I love working in libraries–people have such varied interests and working with them to research and interact with information that feeds those interests is amazing. I'm continually thinking about new ways to market the library to students and faculty, how to keep my instruction current and interesting, and how to remain approachable. Currently my off-duty passions include robots, crochet, photography, and roller skating. I welcome questions and invite conversation on any of these topics.