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Find Journals and Magazines

If you know the journal or magazine title you’re looking for you can find it with the new Library search box.

For Electronic journals: If PCC Library subscribes to the title electronically, you will see the words “Online Access” next to a green dot. To access the journal/magazine electronically:

  • Select the “PCC Library” tab
  • Enter a journal title into the search box
  • Click the “Search” button
  • On the left side of the screen, look for the “Format” section and select “Journals.” (select the “More options” link if you don’t see “Journals” in the list)
  • Select the “View it” link to see which databases provide the title
  • Select one of the links shown to go directly to the title
  • From there you can browse by date, or look for links like “Search within this publication” to look for articles

magazine search

Print journals: If the library has it in print you will see the words “Available at” followed by a campus location next to a green dot. To see the exact location:

  • Select the “Get it” link. This will display campus locations and journal/magazine dates available.
  • Select one of the links next to the “Request Options” heading to request particular issues of a journal or magazine.

Looking for a specific article, book, or video?  The PCC Library Research Page links to guides on how to use the new catalog, find peer reviewed articles, and more!



37 Libraries + 8.8 Million Books + a Bazillion Articles & Videos


The new Library search box is live! With one click you can connect to a lot more resources in a single search. Try it out on the library homepage and send us feedback. Here are a few ways to get in touch with us with your comments:

We’re getting to know the new system too and your input is an essential part of our process. How is the new search box working for you? Let us know!

Arriving 12.16

Decorative imageWe’ve been hard at work setting up the new library search box, which arrives on December 16, 2013.  Library staff is excited to share that this new discovery interface will bring all of our materials together and allow you to search for everything in the library in one spot, returning results for books, articles and videos from across our collections regardless of format.

What to expect

80+ databases in one search – you’ll discover more content because so many of the databases PCC subscribes to are included in a single search.

Single sign-on – your MyPCC credentials will authenticate in the new system and unlock access to all things PCC library.

Links will need updating – if you’re currently linking to library materials, those will need updating, please see the Persistent Links page on the Library website for instructions.

Drop-in sessions – for the PCC community will be held in the library at CA, RC and SY from 12-1pm M-F the first and second week of winter term.  Come by to try the new search box with us!

Want a sneak peek?  Give it a try!

Please keep in mind that we are still changing things until we go live on December 16, 2013.  Also, any holds that you might place right now will not actually be filled.

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Big Changes at PCC Library

Woman with Laptop - Photo from Microsoft

We are in the process of moving with our Summit partner libraries from 37 stand-alone library systems to one shared system in order to improve the research experience for our students and faculty and to better manage resources. The library system you have used to search for information and borrow library materials is being replaced by a new, improved user interface which will make it easier for you to find the information you need and get the items you are looking for both here at PCC and through Summit.

A little background – PCC is a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of 37 academic libraries across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The Alliance is the engine behind Summit but it is not the only initiative on which the 37 libraries collaborate. As a group, we are working toward unlocking opportunities that will help us to build our collections as a single collection, share services and resources, and exploit new technologies. This move from 37 to one will help us achieve those goals. Better managing our resources and creating efficiencies in processes will enable staff to focus on value added activities that will benefit our users and our institutions.

Because this is a big migration from many systems to one, it will take 18 months to get all Alliance libraries up and running. During this time, you will experience a hybrid system, with many of the advantages of the new, next generation system and a few remnants of the old. All the benefits of the new system will become operational when the last group of libraries goes live. PCC is in the second cohort of libraries to make the move. Our move date is December 16, 2013. This page will provide updates about the move. Stay tuned for more news as we move forward!

We appreciate your patience and good humor as we move to this better, easier to use library system.