PCC Library Collaborates with Distance Learning

Student in chair using laptop

In an exciting recent development, the library has connected discipline specific "Research Guides" to every single Distance Learning class.

There's a library in my Distance Learning (D2L) class!  Starting in Summer 2013, every D2L class now has an automatic link to at least one library research guide.  Some classes will link to a range of guides - history classes, for instance, will see a whole list of history research guides.  Other classes will just link to one research guide.

Why?  Because it is an easy way to help online students and faculty connect with the books, articles, videos, websites, and tutorials that support research and learning.  It is a great way for instructors and students to find out which librarian supports their program.  And, it provides valuable feedback to help the library improve its collection.

When you log into your summer classes, give the library a click!  Not taking a D2L class this summer?  You can find Research Guides just below the Research heading on the library home page.

Let us know what you think.