Pulitzer Prize Winner

Evicted book jacketEvicted: Poverty and Profit in an American City, a book by Matthew Desmond and the selection for the “Everybody Reads” book earlier this year, was named as the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction on April 10, 2017.

The book looks at several groups of low-income people in Milwaukie, Wisconsin that are evicted from their apartments for various reasons, and the effect it has on them. The effects of housing insecurity on these people and the nation are examined. To provide a balance, the landlords who do the evicting and their difficulties are also portrayed.

While the “Everybody Reads” program is over for this year, all of the PCC libraries have many copies of “Evicted” to check out, and some campuses have copies to give away. It is a fine read and a thought-provoking story about a problem faced by too many in the United States.

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