Donate Food & Get Rid of Library Fines

PCC Library accepts food for fines. Here is how it works:
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    • Applies to current PCC Library overdue fines.
  • Food cannot be used to pay for lost, damaged, or replacement charges collection fee.
  • Each donated food item reduces the fine by $4.00.
    • Food items must weigh at least 6 ounces. They must be clearly labeled, unopened, undamaged, and unexpired.
    • All food will be donated to the campus ASPCC Canteen & Food Nook programs to help fellow students.

Are you a student in need of food assistance? Please contact or visit the ASPCC food program on your campus:

Food Nook – located at the ASPCC help desk in the Student Lounge (Student Union Bldg, second floor)
Contact: or 971-722-5188 or visit the Cascade Food Nook for details.

Rock Creek
The Rock Creek Canteen – located in the RC Women’s Resource Center (Building 7, Rm. 119)
Contact: or visit the Rock Creek Canteen for details

ASPCC Food Pantry – located in Tabor Hall 105
Contact: 971-722-6262 or visit the Southeast Food Pantry for details

ASPCC Sylvania Food Canteen – located in CC 102
Contact: or visit the Sylvania Food Canteen for details

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