PCC IT Resources Acceptable Use Policy

Girl Using Computer with HeadphonesThe following comes from PCC’s IT-02000 Acceptable Use Policy. Please visit the previous link to read PCC’s entire Acceptable Use Policy and all related policies.

Policy Statement:

Portland Community College (PCC) Information Technology (IT) resources shall only be used to support the educational and administrative needs of the college.


The purpose of PCC’s IT resources is to support the educational and administrative needs of the college. PCC has a responsibility to ensure that IT resources are used in a manner that respects the rights of our students, faculty and staff, and that protects the institution from harm that may result from misuse. Accordingly, the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) supports the following goals:

  1. Ensure the integrity, reliability, availability and superior performance of IT resources.
  2. Ensure that users are protected from data breach and cybercrime.
  3. Ensure that use of IT resources is consistent with the principles and values that govern the use of other college facilities and services.
  4. Prevent unauthorized disclosure of critical information.
  5. Prevent disruption of the learning experience.
  6. Ensure the college is protected from financial, legal, regulatory and reputational harm.
  7. Ensure that IT systems are used for their intended purposes.
  8. Establish processes for addressing policy violations and sanctions for violators.

General Use and Responsibilities

(See IT-0201 through IT-0211 for supporting policies)

  1. Users shall access only IT resources for which they have authorization.
  2. Users are individually responsible for appropriate use of their computer, account and the IT resources assigned to them.
  3. Users have a responsibility to promptly report the theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of PCC proprietary information and/or IT resources.
  4. Users shall not use IT resources for uses that are inconsistent, incompatible or in conflict with state or federal law or other PCC policies.
  5. Users are responsible for exercising good judgment regarding the reasonableness of personal use.
  6. The college is bound by its contractual and license agreements respecting certain third party resources – users are expected to comply with all such agreements when using IT resources.
  7. Users shall not intentionally disrupt the computing environment or obstruct the work of other users.
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