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Friends of the Library - History

The Friends of the Library book bag

Stylish Book BagThanks to the Friends of the Library for purchasing these colorful book bags. The picture is Density of Life by Bobbie Jansen.

The Friends of the PCC Library (FOL) was organized in 2002 to assist library staff in responsibly disposing of outdated and worn out materials from library shelves or un-needed gifts. Books were sold directly to students or sent to a local agent for sale on commission. Money from sales was directed to the PCC Foundation and back into the library collection and to offer PCC students financial assistance. Book sales were moderate but steady. Books were purchased for the collection and the Library Prize was established.

In 2004, Friends held a Starving Artist Exhibit and sale of arts and crafts by PCC staff and students. Organizers arranged for the sale of a special bottling of local wine during the show. Colorful canvas bags that featured an artist on display at the Rock Creek Library sold well.

After a period of inactivity the group was revived in 2008. We hope to boost the visibility of the PCC Library on campus, enhance the library collection and provide financial incentives that encourage student research and library use.