Dr. Vandana Shiva - Scientist, Activist and Educator

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva is one of the world's most prominent "movers and shakers".

Dr. Vandana Shiva is the recipient of the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize for “placing women and ecology at the heart of modern development discourse". She is internationally known as a scientist and environmental activist, an eco-feminist philosopher, and an author.

She trained as a physicist at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Returning to India, she founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology. This foundation later gave birth to Navdanya, a women-centered movement for cultural and biological diversity that has trained over 500,000 farmers in sustainable agriculture.

A main theme of her lectures and books is the "biopiracy" of multinational corporations and the privatizing of common resources such as water. She calls instead for small, sustainable, bio-diverse farms in an effort to address issues of fossil-fuel dependence and corporate power.

Recommended videos

Dr. Vandana Shiva at Portland Community College, February 2011
Join Dr. Vandana Shiva as she speaks to PCC faculty, staff and students on Earth Democracy.
Dr. Vandana Shiva at the 2010 Syndney Peace Prize Lecture, Nov 2010
In this lecture, "Time to End War on Earth", Dr. Shiva discusses how global corporations wage war on nature for the sake of profits.

Recommended reading

The Deep Optimist
Shiva, Vandana. Alternatives Journal 36.3 (2010):24-25
Vandana Shiva describes Earth Democracy as a form of “action” and comments on current trends in global food.
Vandana Shiva
Rothschild, Matthew. "Vandana Shiva." Progressive 74/75.12/1 (2010): 45
In this interview Vandana Shiva discusses the involvement of women in environmental activism and what led to her interest in environmental protection.
Why Organic Farming will Save the World
Shoot, Brittany. "Why Organic Farming will save the World." Herizons 24.1 (2010): 17
Vandana Shiva implores women to resist the privatization of seed and to promote organic farming and ecofeminist values.
From Water Crisis to Water Culture
Shiva, Vandana. "From Water Crisis to Water Culture." Cultural Studies 22.3/4 (2008): 498-509
Dr. Andy Opel, an environmental communications professor at Florida State University, talks with Vandana Shiva about the connections between culture and water, how our cultural attitudes shape our water use, and how we might change those cultural habits to ensure clean water for the future.
Soil Not Oil Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis
Shiva, Vandana. "Soil Not Oil Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis." Alternatives Journal 35.3 (2009): 18-23
This excerpt from Shiva’s book discusses the concept of Earth Democracy as a response to the global climate crisis.

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Crop Failure Impels Indian Farmer Suicides
Vandana Shiva blames the growing number of farmer suicides since the mid 90s on the biotech firm Monsanto, whose modified BT cotton caused crop failure and poverty.
Navdanya, founded in 1984 as a program of Vandana Shiva’s Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, is an Indian-based NGO devoted to organic farming, seed conservation, biodiversity, and the rights of farmers.