Dr. Reza Aslan

Dr. Reza Aslan

Dr. Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed writer and scholar on Islam and the Middle East.

Dr. Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed writer and scholar on Islam and the Middle East, separates fact from mythology in his book, No god but God. He calls for Muslims to take back the Islamic faith from the interpretations that have contributed to terrorist acts. He strongly supports Muhammad's vision of tolerance, unity, and progressive values including women's rights. In seeking to bridge the gap between the east and west, he has been called a "voice of reason in a time of struggle". See: books by Dr. Reza Aslan

Recommended videos

Dr. Reza Aslan at Portland Community College, March 2011
Join Dr. Aslan as he speaks to PCC faculty, staff and students on Religion, Politics, and Literature in the Middle East.
Dr. Reza Aslan on The Colbert Report, Nov 2010
In the Colbert Report, Dr. Aslan discusses how perceptions of Muslims can be reframed through Art in a way that helps people can get to know each other as human beings. His book Tablet and Pen tells the story of the Middle East through the lens of literature rather than terrorism and fanaticism.

Recommended reading

Faith Healer: Religious Historian Reza Aslan Calls for a Return to Islam's Tradition of Tolerance
Crawford, Amy. "Faith healer: religious historian Reza Aslan calls for a return to Islam's tradition of tolerance." Smithsonian Fall 2007: 76+.
In this Smithsonian interview, Aslan talks about the various reasons he chose to write about Islam in No god but God, and about the need for a "Muslim Reformation".
Good Riddance to the "War on Terror": What's In a Word? Plenty
Aslan, Reza. "Good riddance to the 'war on terror': what's in a word? Plenty." Sojourners Magazine July 2009: 12.
Aslan argues that the Obama administration’s decision to jettison the term “War on Terror” is more than merely symbolic.
Holy Orders
Aslan, Reza. "Holy Orders." Foreign Policy 164 (2008): 64.
Aslan discusses the negative connotations of the term “War on Terror” in the non-Western world.
Think Again
Leibowitz, Ed. "Think again." Los Angeles Magazine 55.12 (2010): 106.
A short interview with Aslan that focuses on his own religious beliefs and his attitudes toward the ways Islam is portrayed on cable news programs.
What We Got Wrong
Aslan, Reza. "What we got wrong." Foreign Policy 180 (2010): 109+.
Aslan addresses the role preconceptions played in the media’s coverage of the Green Movement in Iran in 2009.

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