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The Universe and Beyond. Discover the information universe available through databases. Find what you are looking for in video, audio, text and other multimedia formats.

, PCC Faculty Librarian

March 8, 2010

Have you seen what our databases can do now? We have databases that talk, translate, and cite articles for you, as well as databases full of art images, and even video clips!

All of our new Gale databases – including the popular Academic OneFile, Literature Resource CenterOpposing Viewpoints, and Pop Culture Collection – offer text-to-speech recordings of each article, as well as translations into 10 different languages. Because the sound files are offered in the popular mp3 format, you can download to your music player and listen anytime! Many of our Gale databases are beginning to include video clips as well.

Need art images for a presentation? Both ARTstor and CAMIO provide images from museums world wide; ARTstor has a wider variety of images; CAMIO’s are rights-cleared for educational use and much easier to download. Both permit the viewer to zoom in on areas of interest.

Want to gain a new understanding of a scientific or engineering process?  Access Science offers a wide variety of video clips – animations explaining complex ideas, “Explorations” of scientific controversies, and news clips.

Multimedia examples

Academic OneFile : Scientists Discover New Species in Mozambique Rain Forest
Includes an audio file and a video file.
Access Science: Multimedia Animations
Features a variety of animations. CowPower demonstrates how cows are being used to produce energy.
Access Science: Multimedia Explorations
Includes videos on topics such as human fossils, planets and forensics.
Access Science: News Videos
Get the latest science news.
Greening the Housing Industry
Includes an audio file originally published on National Public Radio.
World Book Dictionary: MP3 Definition
Includes definitions of commonly used words.

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Vol. 2 Issue 2 March 2010