Changes at Sylvania Library

Self-check machine
October 2, 2012
With the exception of a few details, the renovation of the Sylvania Library building is now complete!  The newly remodeled facility went into operation the first day of Fall term 2012.  During the first week over 17,000 visitors entered the building. This represents 4,000 more people than visited the library the entire month of September 2011.
The building now houses the Student Learning Center (tutoring), the Computing Center (formerly the CRC), the Faculty Production Lab as well as traditional library services. Additionally, the library is working with ASPCC to furnish a new study room for students with children. We invite you to visit the library and to use some of its many services. Find out more about libraries at PCC by watching PCC Library: More than Books, a seven minute video that describes all that we do.
September 18, 2012
Construction at the Sylvania Library is nearly complete and crews have already begun cleaning up and moving out. Currently and with great anticipation we are making final preparations for fall term to begin. While the library isn’t completely finished, final details such as new service desks, furnishings, and a post-construction deep cleaning are in the works and will appear soon.
We have a lot of exciting changes, new services and technology, and a broad array of new study spaces including a family study room that will be a welcome addition to library and campus services. We appreciate the entire community’s patience as we work to make this a truly remarkable and student-driven library. The final countdown has begun and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new space soon.
August 23, 2012
Sylvania Library will be closed from August 30 through September 4 so that services can move to their permanent locations. Full services will resume on September 5 at the new checkout desk on the first floor.
Thank you for your patience as we finish this project. The end result is going to be awesome.
August 10, 2012
Is the library too noisy during the renovation? Try these suggestions:
  • Study in the Computer Resource Center (CRC) in the CC Building
  • Pick up some free ear plugs at the upstairs checkout desk
  • Study later in the day - the construction noise is usually over by 3:30pm
  • Check in with the library staff for other options
We're almost done with this project and think that you'll appreciate the changes!
July 31, 2012
We are approaching the second half of the Library renovation project and there will be a lot of activity in the building over the next four weeks. Starting the first week of August we will be prepping floors and installing carpet throughout the building. This will be done in phases, so please expect to see areas that are out of service from time to time.
Also, there will be a short period when books are not available for checkout. Please ask for help if you need something that is not available. Keep in mind that you can order books from other campuses and that you have access to materials from Orbis Cascade Alliance (37 academic libraries) libraries.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please hang in there with us as we make the library space better for you. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance.
July 6, 2012
Good News! Students can now use computers in Sylvania Library 212 when library classes are not scheduled. To see when classes are scheduled, look at the Sylvania Library 212 event calendar.
June 20, 2012
Summer term has begun and construction at the Sylvania Library is well under way. Both the checkout desk and research help desk have been moved to the second floor of the library. For summer term, the first floor will be unavailable. Students needing a computer should visit the Computer Resource Center (CRC) in the CC Building or ask at the checkout desk if the library has one available for loan.
June 15, 2012
As an ongoing part of the library remodel, computers in the library were moved out for the summer on Saturday, June 16, 2012. Students needing to use computers this summer will need to go to the Computer Resource Center (CRC).
Wireless access will still be available in the library for those students who are using laptops or other types of mobile devices.

May 22, 2012
As a reminder, due to the upcoming library remodel the checkout desk at Sylvania Library has been moved upstairs. It will be there until late August when the project is complete. Also, almost all of the collections including music and magazines are now upstairs as well. This week, the construction team will begin installing temporary walls. Most of this work will be done before the library opens and early in the morning. We apologize for the inconvenience, and promise to try to avoid disruption where possible. Thank you for your patience, and please come celebrate with us in September!

May 16, 2012

Staff get cozy and materials are moved. The checkout desk and Instructional Support and Access Services staff have been temporarily relocated to the second floor of the library adjacent to the elevator. Popular items including DVDs, CDs, new books, new readers, reserves and a scanner have also been moved to the second floor.

Holds for PCC and Summit materials are now available for self service pickup.

Earplugs are available at the checkout desk if the noise becomes too loud.

May 2, 2012

Pardon our dust, construction is about to begin at Sylvania Library. Preparations are underway to move library staff into temporary work spaces. The move will take place on May 11. At that time Access Services and staff from Instructional Technology will move to the second floor of the library. The checkout desk will move upstairs as well.

Also, as of May 7, the Sylvania Faculty lab will be closed. It will remain closed throughout the construction. Faculty are encouraged to use computers at the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) during this time.

We realize this will be inconvenient but we think that you'll appreciate the results! We will do all that we can to keep the space usable for students.

Stay tuned – we will provide regular updates during this project.