PCC Institutional Effectiveness
Surveys CCSSE

Spring 2011 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

Access to Campus Data Instructions
Step 1.

Go to the following webpage: http://www.ccsse.org/

Select "Members Only" tab to log in.

Type in the corresponding campus user name and password (upper or lower case).

  • User name: Sylvania
  • Password: KEMJDK$4
  • User name: Cascade
  • Password: LWFUDC$2
  • User name: Rock Creek
  • Password: UPHEWH$7
  • User name: PCCELC (Extended Learning)
  • Password: MPQDJS$3
  • User Name = PortlandColleges
  • Password = QENUHS$3
Step 2.

Choose "Online Reporting System" on left side of web page.

Step 3.

Select "Institutional Reports from the 2011CCSSE Cohort".

Step 4.

Select "Standard Reports" on left side of web page.

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