(Note:  The following was prepared for and shared at the Oct 2009 ASAC meeting)


Spring 2009 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (N=1,644)

(Survey was also administered College-wide in 2005 and 2007)


Select Findings


Strengths (for this discussion are interpreted as items with the closest match between student satisfaction and their rating of the importance of an item)









Challenges (for this discussion are interpreted as items with the largest difference between importance and satisfaction ratings)











The inventory has

o    Eighty items students score based on both importance and satisfaction.  The difference between the two yields a ‘gap score.’

o    Six additional items measure satisfaction (only) with PCC’s commitment to various student groups (part-time, underrepresented, etc.)

o    Eight items measure the importance (only) of various factors in the decision to enroll.

o    Ten items, developed by PCC addressed Diversity issues.



PCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Oct 2009, 2009 Summary for ASAC 101209_LM.doc