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Degrees and Certificates by Major 2012-13

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Major Description Degree 2012-13 Completers
AAOM CAS/OS:Admin Asst:Office Mngmt AAS 3
AB Auto Collision Repair Techno AAS 1
AB Auto Collision Repair Techno ACERT 12
AB Auto Collision Repair Techno ACERT2 15
ABP Auto Body Painting ACERT 16
ACA Accelerated Accounting ACERT 20
ACCL Entry Level Accounting Clerk ACERTP 106
ACCT Accounting AAS 96
ACTC Accounting Clerk ACERT1 70
AD Alcohol and Drug Counselor AAS 25
ADD Architectural Design & Draftng AAS 21
ADDR Architectural Des & Draf: Resi AAS 3
AIP Design for Access. & Aging in ACERT1 2
AM Automotive Service Techno AAS 17
AM Automotive Service Techno ACERT2 9
AMT Aviation Maintenance Techno AAS 18
AMT Aviation Maintenance Techno ACERT2 5
AMTA Aviation Maint Tech: Airframe ACERT1 1
AMTP Aviation Maint Tech: Powrplant ACERT1 12
AOP Adminstrative Office Profess AAS 4
AS CAS/OS: Administrative Assist AAS 15
AS CAS/OS: Administrative Assist ACERT1 8
ASC A & D Counselor:Addiction Stud ACERT 25
ASTR Transfer Program AS 857
AVS Aviation Science - Airplane AAS 3
AVSA AVS: Airplane w/Flight Instruc AAS 2
AVSH Aviation Science - Helicopter AAS 3
BCL CAS/OS: Admin Asst:Basic Comp ACERTP 51
BCT Building Construction Techno AAS 12
BCT Building Construction Techno ACERT 5
BCTD BCT: Design/Build Remodeling AAS 2
BCTM BCT: Construction Management AAS 17
BIT Bioscience Technology AAS 9
BMET EET: Biomed Engineering Techno AAS 16
BST Biosci Tech: Bioscience Techni ACERTP 1
BTE Bioscience Tech: Biotechnician ACERTP 2
CAD Computer Aided Des & Dra (CAD) ACERT 19
CAS Comp App and Office Systems ACERT1 1
CET Civil Engineering Technology AAS 11
CET Civil Engineering Technology ACERT2 1
CGR CET: Green Tech & Sustain AAS 2
CIS Computer Information Systems AAS 53
CIS Computer Information Systems ACERT1 17
CISH CIS: Health Informatics AAS 13
CISN CIS: Network Administration AAS 30
CJA Criminal Justice AAS 47
CORT CJA: Corrections Technician ACERTP 10
CT Computed Tomography ACERT 1
CULI Culinary Assistant Training ACERT1 13
DA Dental Assisting ACERT1 36
DFST Deaf Studies ACERT1 5
DH Dental Hygiene AAS 19
DLT Dental Laboratory Technology AAS 10
DLT Dental Laboratory Technology ACERT2 2
DST Diesel Service Technology AAS 17
DST Diesel Service Technology ACERT 1
DST Diesel Service Technology ACERT2 6
DSTC Dealer Service Technology AAS 11
EDLV Library/Media Assistant ACERT 1
EDPA Paraeducator AAS 4
EDPA Paraeducator ACERT1 5
EEFS Early Education & Family Studi AAS 9
EEFS Early Education & Family Studi ACERT 22
EET Electronic Engineering Techno AAS 12
EET Electronic Engineering Techno ACERT1 11
EETM EET: Mechatronics/Auto/Robotic AAS 3
EETR EET: Renewable Energy Systems AAS 12
EETW EET: Wireless & Data Comm Tech AAS 1
ELE Electrician Apprenticeship Tec AAS 6
ELES ELE: Electrician Apprent Tech ACERT1 1
EMA Emergency Management AAS 10
EMC Emergency Manage:Emergency Man ACERTP 8
EMS Emergency Medical Services ACERT2 1
EMTP Emergency Med Techni-Paramedic AAS 23
EOL GREN: End of Life Care and Sup ACERTP 6
ETC Emergency Tel Com 911 Dispatch ACERT1 5
FMAT Facilities Maint Technology AAS 23
FMAT Facilities Maint Technology ACERT 17
FP Fire Protection Technology AAS 49
FP Fire Protection Technology ACERTP 1
FT Fitness Technology AAS 10
FT Fitness Technology ACERT1 25
GD Graphic Design AAS 22
GEN General Studies AGEN 1,473
GIS Geographic Info Systems (GIS) ACERT 9
GRAA GREN: Activity Assistant ACERTP 8
GRAB GREN: Adv Behavioral and Cogni ACERTP 18
GRAC GREN: Activity Consultant ACERTP 3
GRAD GREN: Activity Director ACERTP 5
GREN Gerontology AAS 11
GREN Gerontology ACERTP 17
HIM Health Information Management AAS 28
HOA FT:Healthy Older Adult Fitness ACERT 1
HOA FT:Healthy Older Adult Fitness ACERTP 11
HS Adult High School Completion AHSD 68
HT GREN: Horticultural Therapy ACERTP 5
HVCR Facilities Maint:HVAC/R Instal ACERTP 48
ID Interior Design AAS 17
IDK ID: Kitchen and Bath ACERT1 7
IDK ID: Kitchen and Bath ACERT2 2
IF Interior Furnishings ACERTP 20
IND Indust Mech & Maint Tech Appre AAS 2
INSP Building Inspection Tech AAS 6
ITP Sign Language Interpretation AAS 5
JAV CIS: Java Appl Programming ACERTP 8
JUVI Juvenile Corrections ACERT1 1
LAT Landscape Technology AAS 7
LATC Landscape Technology:Construct AAS 1
LATD Landscape Technology: Design AAS 5
LATM Landscape Technology: Mgmt AAS 1
LD Landscape Design ACERT2 4
LIM ELE: Limited Electrician Appre ACERT 5
LIN CIS: Network Admin:Linux Serve ACERTP 20
LSST Landscape Service Technician ACERT 3
MA Medical Assisting ACERT1 39
MANT MCH: Manufacturing Technician ACERTP 4
MCH Machine Manufacturing Techno AAS 8
MET Mechanical Engineering Techno AAS 19
MET Mechanical Engineering Techno ACERT2 1
MGMT Management AAS 37
MGR MET: Green Tech & Sustain AAS 1
MKTG Marketing AAS 9
MKTG Marketing ACERT1 5
MLT Medical Laboratory Technology AAS 26
MM Multimedia AAS 18
MM Multimedia ACERT1 15
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging ACERT 10
MSD Management/Supervisory Develop AAS 4
MSD Management/Supervisory Develop ACERT1 1
MT Microelectronics Technology AAS 29
MTS MT:Solar Voltaic Manuf Techno ACERTP 7
NET CIS: Network Adm:Network Admin ACERTP 5
NURS Nursing AAS 61
OAS CAS/OS:Admin Asst: Office Asst ACERTP 5
OMT Ophthalmic Medical Technology AAS 15
ORA CIS: Oracle and SQL ACERTP 9
OST Occupational Skills Training ACERT2 5
OTBU Oregon Transfer - Business ASORT 117
OTRN Oregon Transfer AAORT 613
PARA Paralegal AAS 69
PARA Paralegal ACERT1 10
PMUS Professional Music ACERT 19
RAD Radiography AAS 30
REBR Real Estate Broker ACERT 21
REPM Real Estate Property Manager ACERT 8
RET Retail Management ACERT 3
RNEW EET: Renewable Energy Systems ACERTP 4
RSS RET: Retail Sales & Service ACERTP 19
SER CIS:Network Adm:Microsoft Serv ACERTP 20
SOL MT: Solar Voltaic Manuf Techno AAS 16
SPR CAS/OS: Admin Asst:Spreadsheet ACERTP 4
SQL CIS: Database Design and SQL ACERTP 16
UNI CIS:Network Adm:Linux/Uni Net ACERTP 4
VB CIS: VB.NET App Programming ACERTP 2
VDEO Video Production ACERT 8
VET Veterinary Technology AAS 26
VIR CAS/OS: Virtual Assistant ACERT 1
WBI CAS/OS: WDD: Web Assistant I ACERTP 3
WDD Website Develop & Design AAS 33
WEB CIS: Web Application Develop ACERTP 1
WEBM CAS/OS: Website Devel & Desig ACERT1 10
WIN CIS:Net Admin:Windows Net Sec ACERTP 9
WLD Welding Technology AAS 9
WLD Welding Technology ACERT 6
WLD Welding Technology ACERT2 1
WPR CAS/OS:Admin Asst:Word Process ACERTP 9

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