Institutional Effectiveness

Enrollment Reporting

LEVEL 1: Internal Reporting from Banner during term

PCC internal enrollment reports that provide a “same time prior year” comparison of current enrollment data. Contains FTE by organization code, and reimbursement code.

2014-15 Enrollment Reports

Archive Enrollment Reports

LEVEL 2: Extract Data of Record End of Term Reporting to Oregon Community College Unified Reporting System (OCCURS)

*Note: After state audit and Final Official End of Term OCCURS data is reported, refer to Level 3: Final Official Data.

End of Term Headcount and FTE

LEVEL 3: Final Official Audited Data Reported to OCCURS Annually

Note: Generally these reports are available in September.

2013-14 Annual Headcount and FTE

Level 3 Archive Reports

OCCURS State Reporting Timelines

State Reporting Timelines

Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

National Center For Education Statistics

College Navigator- Student Facts IPEDS data

Achievement Compacts

Assumptions for Setting 2014-15 Targets

PCC's 2014-15 Achievement Compact

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