PCC Institutional Effectiveness

Future Students K thru 12

Public School Diversity within PCC's Service Area

Public School diversity within PCC's service area. All District students in grades Pre-K through 12th.
Public School Diversity 2012

High School Graduates attending PCC Fall Term

Recent High School Graduates attending PCC: Fall Cohort; student demographics, academic preparation, course taking behavior and academic performance.
High School Summary Fall 2014 Cohort

Percent of Total Graduates by High School who attend PCC Fall 2013

Counts by High School by PCC Campus Fall 2013

Students attending PCC within One Year of High School Graduation

Oregon High School graduates who attended PCC within 1 Year of High School Graduation.
High School graduates Fall 2010

High School PCC Dual Credit Students

High School Students enrolled in Pavtec dual credit courses in 2007-08 were tracked for subsequent enrollment at a post secondary institution.
High School PCC Dual Credit Students

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