Classification Description

TITLE: Office of Equity and Inclusion Director

CATEGORY: Management

FLSA: Exempt



Under the direction of the College President, the Director, Office of Equity and Inclusion will lead the development and implementation of proactive diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives which will support the College’s new strategic plan, currently in development.  The Director of Equity and Inclusion is a senior-level management position reporting directly to the President and serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet.  The Director will lead the development of a vision and effective strategy that champions the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive College environment.  The Director will also engage faculty, staff and students to build a welcoming and inclusive culture at PCC.  The Director will assess potential barriers and develop strategies focused on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.  The Director will design training initiatives on cultural competency, gender differences, disability, sexual harassment, and other topics designed to increase awareness and support of equity and inclusion values, and maintaining compliance with applicable laws.  The Director will also manage the College’s Workforce Analysis and lead and oversee compliance with Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other applicable requirements, including serving as the College’s Title IX Coordinator. 


The primary areas of accountability include compliance, advocacy and education. The incumbent serves as advisor and resource person for management and staff in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and intake and investigation of concerns across the College that pertains to discrimination or harassment.  Serves as a referral person to outside agencies in the areas of Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action. 


  1. Plans, guides and advises President and executive officers on diversity, equity, and affirmative action matters. Collaborates with College management to create, implement and monitor programs designed to ensure fair and equitable treatment of students, faculty and staff.
  2. Supervises professional/support staff. Hires, evaluates, trains, disciplines and recommends dismissal of staff as necessary.
  3. Develops and implements district-wide training to promote cultural understanding and competency and a climate of equity and inclusion. Training may include online tools, LEAD Academy Diversity Training, and ad-hoc presentations.
  4. Directs, guides, and monitors the Faculty Diversity Internship Program components of recruitment, hiring, orientation, training, completion and assessment. Provides support to campus and district-wide Diversity Councils and Multicultural event programming.
  5. Directs the work of professional staff that assist with EEO investigations as a result of discrimination and harassment complaints filed by students, faculty, staff and administrators. Evaluates documentation provided and advises individuals and departments on appropriate action(s) to be taken. Provides mediation, as needed. Ensures written report of investigatory findings and disposition are prepared and maintain in a confidential file.
  6. Promotes College commitment to a climate of equity and inclusion through interaction with individuals and agencies inside and outside the college district including the Board of Directors, Executive Staff, supervisory staff, employees, students, public, community leaders from all ethno-cultural groups, civic and grass-root organizations, attorneys, political figures , and Federal, State and local government enforcing authorities. The Director represents the college in regional and local associations, civic clubs, ethnic and non-profit organizations' Boards.
  7. Gathers, researches and analyzes data for use in statistical calculations and reporting in order to meet federal and state requirements, including creating workforce analysis reports.
  8. Communicates and articulates Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy for the general public, governmental enforcing agencies, political and community group leaders and grass-root organizations.
  9. Participates in and advises the College's recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups. Monitors, evaluates, and assesses adequacy of diversity of candidates in the hiring and screening process. Works with Human Resources to develop recruitment strategies that attract underrepresented candidates.
  10. Serves as the College’s Title IX coordinator. Oversees and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and develops policies and procedures.
  11. Manages the department budget, including developing budget proposals, justifying expenses and monitoring accounts.
  12. Provides analysis of legislation and regulations related to equity and affirmative action.
  13. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Work pressure, disturbances of work flow, and/or irregularities in work schedule are frequent and require significant adaptation. The performance rapidly evolves, requiring continual upgrading of skills. Work is mostly sedentary and confined to an office setting with periodic outside activity for training and intervention. Extended work hours are common.   Evening and week-end services are expected.


Physical exertion includes standing during training, carrying materials and hand-outs, flip charts and other audio-visual equipment.


A Master's degree in speech communication, post-secondary education, sociology, social anthropology, public administration, human resource management or other related field.  Experience performing the duties described above may substitute for the education requirement on a year-for-year basis. Five years of experience working in an affirmative action and EEO compliance function which involved the duties and principal accountabilities described for the position of Director of Equity and Inclusion. Management and supervisory experience is desired.

Must have thorough knowledge of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the 1991 Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, and other applicable laws. Knowledge of training, conflict resolution and mediation methods.

REV: 1/2014

NEW: 3/2013