Classification Description

TITLE: Electrical Systems Technical Lead

CLASS: Classified




Under Facilities Management Services department management, maintains electrical systems. Supervises, coordinates and evaluates the work of outside electrical contractors and the Lighting Technician(s) doing work for the college. The incumbent receives and evaluates work orders and requests, investigates request or problems where appropriate, establishes priorities and assigns contractors to make necessary repairs. Incumbent provides subject matter expertise related to the electrical field. Incumbent develops budgets for all project work and provides project management to see that those budgets are met. Incumbent manages the work of outside contractors to make sure all work meets college requirements and applicable codes. Incumbent reviews and approves contractor invoices. Works in cooperation with other members of the maintenance staff and Facilities Management Services management to maintain safe, legal and fully functional electrical systems. Advises the college on issues related to codes requirements and impacts. Interpersonal contacts are generally with peers in the Maintenance Department, supervisor, customers including staff at all levels of the College community, contractors and inspectors. Job requires good verbal and written skills to present and exchange technical and complex information. Must be able to perform quick analysis of complex problems. Incumbent is a key contributor with work results impacting the accuracy, reliability and acceptability of further results beyond the immediate work section. Responsible for performing work requiring advanced job skills, directing the work of others, and for responding to work situations with minimum guidance or direction.

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: (Includes some or all of the following)

  1. Coordinates all electrical work on the college campuses and centers by outside contractors including maintenance, repair, renovation and construction (both remodel and new). Acts as lead for Lighting Technician (s). Observes the work of all contractors doing electrical work on any College facility to be certain work is code legal and meets the operational requirements of the College.
  2. Prioritizes all electrical work to ensure operational continuity. Works with contractors and Electrical Engineers to analyze systems, prepare upgrades and budgets and to prioritize all work activities.
  3. Responds to all electrical emergencies and assists in the diagnosis of outages and interruptions of service. Plans corrective measures and coordinates repair activities.
  4. Helps to evaluate requirements for long-term (multi-year) repairs and upgrades to College electrical systems. Reviews and critiques all plans for remodeling and new construction. Assists in preparing budgets and securing bids related to electrical work.
  5. Performs minor repair and maintenance work on electrical systems as other activities allow time for this work.
  6. Assists in the design and modification of electrical distribution systems. Defines options for modification of systems and prepares cost estimates of electrical work.
  7. Maintains an inventory of parts and equipment needed for repair and maintenance of electrical systems at each campus and center of the college. Keeps a regular inventory record of these items and of the use by staff and contractors.
  8. Assists in preparing annual budgets for electrical work, tracks spending for various electrical projects and keeps records of spending as required. Manages project budgets to be certain they are met.
  9. Keeps plant electrical permit records current at all campus locations, seeing that all work is properly recorded and coordinates inspections by Electrical Inspectors. Obtains permits as required and checks permits obtained by outside contractors to be certain that all procedures related to permitting are followed.
  10. Maintains an inventory of tools and equipment necessary to analyze and maintain electrical systems including buying, repairing and replacing as needed. Tests and analyses component parts of electrical distribution systems. Predicts emergency and routine maintenance based on the testing and test results.
  11. Helps in the maintenance of low voltage college systems (clocks, alarms) as needed.
  12. Maintains appropriate licenses. Takes training required to stay current in field.
  13. Coordinates the cleaning and maintenance of all electrical equipment and dedicated electrical spaces. Maintains condition of all dedicated electrical spaces in a safe and legal condition. Coordinates the storage of electrical supplies and equipment in legal areas.
  14. Responds to college emergencies and closures including adverse weather to be certain that all systems remain operational and college property is protected. Assists in removal of snow, ice and in preparing the college campuses and centers for reopening after closures.
  15. Knows and understands all safety procedures of the college. Observes the work of others including outside contractors and brings safety concerns to their attention. Reports all unsafe acts and conditions which remain uncorrected to supervisor or EHOS Manager. Allows no work to be performed when conditions are considered unsafe.
  16. Operates an assigned college vehicle and is responsible for the proper maintenance and safe operation of that vehicle.
  17. Attends all regular staff meetings of the Facilities Management Services maintenance staff and participates in problem solving and discussions of systems and project related issues.
  18. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Work pressure, disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Work is performed primarily in the field at the site of the work. Working conditions may be somewhat disagreeable requiring occasional exposure to safety hazards and noise when reviewing the work of contractors. Regular travel between campus locations in assigned college vehicle. While primary duty hours are day shift, must be able to work in the event of emergencies or operational disruptions.


Work requires the ability to lift moderately heavy equipment and materials, stand for extended periods of time. Extensive walking, climbing ladders and entering cramped and difficult locations may be part of daily activities depending on work locations. Must be able to use hand tools normally associated with electrical work and small power tools.


High school diploma or equivalent. State of Oregon Journeyman Electrical License is required. Five years experience working as a journeyman electrician is required.

Must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of electrical systems from high voltage to local distribution. Must be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally, and clearly define technical and complicated issues to persons who know little about electrical systems. Basic knowledge of computers is required. Ability to estimate materials and time costs, prioritize work and perform duties independently of constant supervision. Must qualify for a State of Oregon General Supervisor License within a reasonable time after the hire date.

REV: 02/07/01

REPLACES: Electrician, 04/10/98, Gr. 23