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There is currently no assessment form for Part-time Faculty. However, a Cover Sheet and Synopsis form must be completed for each assessment and sent to Human Resources, Downtown Center 321. Student evaluations and other assessment tool materials are to be kept in the department.  Assessment materials must be kept by the department for a minimum of 3 years after separation/termination. 

Part-time Faculty are to be assessed on the required duties (as specified in Article 5 of the Faculty & AP Agreement). Consult your HR Representative if you have any questions or concerns.

To track who has been assessed and who should be assessed, use Banner report, PWRPTFA. See instructions on how to run this report.

The following guidelines and criteria are to be used for part-time Faculty Assessments: 

  1. Timeframe for Assessments

    Assessments consist of a review of the performance of assigned job duties and related responsibilities, in accordance with Article 5 of the Faculty/AP Agreement. For each subject area taught, part-time faculty are to be assessed by each department and/or campus based on the instructor's length of employment at that department/campus.

    • Initial Assessment: All new part-time faculty are to be assessed by the end of the second term of employment at each campus.
    • Second/Third-Year Assessment: New part-time faculty should be assessed annually during their second and third years of employment.
    • Third-Year Assessment: All part-time faculty in the bargaining unit are to be evaluated once every three years after the third year of employment.
    • Assessment for Assignment Rights:  An instructor who wishes to obtain assignment rights (Article 4.1) must request and receive a full assessment by the Division Dean before assignment rights will be given. The request must be made one full term in advance of the term in which the instructor believes he/she will be eligible to receive assignment rights. See Article 7.25 for details. The assessment for assignment rights will be in lieu of the third-year or subsequent assessment. If the third year or subsequent assessment has been conducted within the twelve months preceding the assignment rights assessment, the elements of the previously completed assessment may be used for the assignment rights assessment.

    Assessments will include, at a minimum, some form of student evaluation and a classroom visit. Other assessment tools are listed in Article 7.28. A written summary of any observation or report is to be given to the faculty member.

  2. Implementation of Assessments

    Part-time faculty assessments may be conducted by the following individuals as designated by Management.

    • Division Deans/Managers
    • Faculty Department Chairs
    • Full-time Faculty in the department and/or division area of the part-time faculty member
    • Experienced Part-time Faculty in a given department that has no or few full-time faculty
  3. Compensation

    • Full-time and "senior" part-time faculty assessors: Compensation is based on 3 hours at the Faculty Department Chair Rate.
    • Department Chairs with 25% release are expected to conduct three part-time faculty assessments per academic year without additional compensation as part of assigned responsibilities.  Additional assessments for higher releases (over 25%) are pro-rated.
    • Department Chairs who complete faculty assessments beyond the ones described above and Department Chairs who receive a stipend and no releases will receive compensation based on 3 hours at the Faculty Department Chair Rate per part-time faculty assessment.
    • Division Deans/Managers who are assigned responsibilities for part-time faculty assessment will not receive additional compensation.
  4. The Assessment Synopsis and Cover Sheet

    The assessment synopsis must include a description of assessment tools (e.g. student evaluation, classroom visits, self-assessment, peer review, etc.), where the documents are filed, the overall assessment results and signatures of the employee and the person who completed the assessment. The assessment must also include a statement verifying the receipt of official college transcripts.