The President will appoint a standing Advisory Committee on Management/Confidential Compensation & Benefits. The composition of the committee shall be one management employee from each campus of the College, one management or supervisory employee from administrative services, one member from academic services and one confidential staff member. Members of the committee will be nominated by their respective executive officers and appointed by the President. The Director of Human Resources and the Manager of Compensation & Benefits shall be ex-officio members of the committee.  Members of this committee will be appointed for one, two or three fiscal years in order to stagger membership rotation.

The President's Advisory Committee on Management/Confidential Employee Compensation and Benefits shall meet and, working in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources, shall recommend changes to the management and confidential employees' total compensation package.  The committee will annually select a committee chair and vice-chair who will present the recommendations of the committee to the President along with the Director of Human Resources. The President shall determine which recommendations are carried to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board will determine how the College will position itself in the labor market the following year. Once the Board has adopted the salary schedule and the salary increases to be administered, Human Resources will communicate that information to all covered employees.

The committee also will review the handbook annually and make recommendations for changes or corrections to maintain consistency with the final decisions of the President and the Board of Directors.