The purpose of the Management/Confidential Employees Handbook is to provide a reference for all executive staff, management and confidential employees regarding their responsibilities and obligations to Portland Community College and the college's responsibilities and commitments to them. Executive officers are covered by the provisions of this handbook to the extent consistent with their individual employment agreements. 

The Handbook cannot and does not attempt to address every possible situation or question about employment. Nor does it constitute a contract between you as employee and the College as employer. It is intended as a guideline of policies and procedures which will be subject to review and revision at management's discretion, in accordance with the authority delegated to the District President by the Board of Directors. (See Board Policy B213, December 2003.) Thus, nothing in this or other College policy manuals may be viewed as a contract or a guarantee of employment status or benefits.

Policy manuals, particularly the PCC Board Policies, academic policies, applicable Human Resources policies and the plan documents for benefits plans take precedence over this Handbook in the event of a conflict. If any provision of this handbook is or shall at any time become contrary to law, such provision shall not be applicable except to the extent permitted by law. However, all other provisions of this handbook shall continue in effect.

Each qualifying management and confidential employee will be provided a copy of this handbook. Subsequent handbook revisions may be distributed electronically and the official current version of the handbook shall be as maintained on the PCC Human Resources website.