If you have driven your personal vehicle for PCC business (not to/from work), enter your mileage for reimbursement.

  1. Click on the Mileage buttonbutton. Time and Leave Reporting screen with arrow to Mileage button
  2. Enter mileage information:
    1. Travel Dates: The format needs to be exactly MM/DD/YYYY. i.e. 05/01/2009. If travel is for more than one day, use the TAF – Travel Authorization Form.
    2. From Where: Describe where you are traveled from i.e. SY
    3. To Where: Describe where you traveled to. i.e. RC
    4. Miles: Enter the number of miles for the trip
    5. Purpose: Provide a brief describe of the purpose of the travel
    Mileage Entry screen
  3. Click the Save buttonbutton. The mileage entered will show below. Mileage Entry screen with arrow to where mileage displays after entering
  4. You are now ready to enter another mileage records or click Timesheet buttonto return to your time sheet.
  5. If a mileage record is incorrect, click the Delete Flag checkboxbox next to the record and click Save button. Re-enter the record, if necessary.