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STOP - Is This Employee Already in the System?

If you have an employee who is new to PCC, returning after an absence, or if you are unsure whether the employee is in the PCC system as an active employee, follow these steps to Prepare to Create an EPAF for a New Employee before continuing.

Step 2: The First Screen - Entering 'Person Selection' Information

The first screen is where you fill in three required fields: the employee's ID, the first workday for the new job (Query Date), and the Approval Category (the type of job authorization you are creating).

epaf first screen

Click Go to continue.

Here's some additional information about these required fields:

Fields and descriptions
Field Description
ID Employee's G Number:
  • Make sure the "G" of the G Number is capitalized.
  • You can search for the G Number by clicking on the magnifying glass and searching by name, but it is often easier to look it up beforehand in Banner.
Query Date

The first workday of the new job.

The Query Date must be the same as the 'Job Begin' and 'Job Effective' dates in future screens. Use the following format when entering in dates: MM/DD/YYYY

Approval Category The type of EPAF you are creating. Use the drop-down menu provided.
  • Examples: "create a casual job", "create a student job". When you're finished, click the "Go" button to continue.

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