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The EPAF can also be used to set up Counseling, Tutoring, and Librarian jobs for Part Time Faculty. Directions for the following three types of EPAFs, which follow virtually the same process, are provided here.

  • TUTOR – Part Time Faculty who do tutoring
  • COUNS – Part Time Faculty who do counseling
  • LIBRA -- Part Time Faculty librarian jobs

The employee will also need to submit a Biweekly Timesheet (or online version) in order to get paid.

Important Items of Note

When To Create the EPAF

These EPAFs are designed to be created a term-by-term basis. Users can only create these EPAFs within a specific time period, beginning the day after the last ‘authorizations due in HR’ date for the previous term. You cannot set them up before this time, or after the final payroll End Date for the term that has ended.

If you must make a special note about the dates you have specified, use the Comments section of the EPAF to do so.

EPAF Query Date

The first screen will ask you for the "Query Date." Type in the Begin Date of the current bi-weekly payroll period. For a list of payroll period begin dates, refer to the Biweekly Payroll Calendar [intranet]. Putting another date in this field will cause the EPAF to become invalid.

Step 1: Access the EPAF Form on MyPCC

  1. Log into MyPCC. MyPcc Secure Login
  2. Go to the Employee TabTab.
  3. Go to the Banweb channel and click on Banweb Main Menu. Banweb Channel
  4. Click on the Employee Services TabTab.
  5. Click on Electronic Personnel Action Forms:


  6. Click on New EPAF to start the processes of creating a new EPAF.