Clerical/Administrative Support - Casual Employment Compensation Schedule

Grade: "Cler"

This work is composed of clerical tasks involving typing/word processing, record keeping, filing, telephone and personal interaction and similar activities within an office environment. The employee can work up to 599 hours per fiscal year.

Level I
Pay Range: $11.25 - $13.16 per hour
Involves routine clerical support, generally limited to a department or division. Work situations are generally standard and recurring. Problems can generally be resolved through accessing policies/procedures.
  • Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Mail clerk
  • General Office
Level II
Pay Range: $11.25 - $18.13 per hour
Work is more complex, from routine to varied, requiring journey-level job skills. Some decisions require that the incumbent draw from knowledge and past experience to resolve issues not clearly defined by policy/procedures. May involve directing the work of others.
  • Secretary
  • Computer/Data entry operator
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Registration Clerk
  • Cashier

For work where the rate of pay exceeds the top of the range it must have the approval of the appropriate Executive Officer. On a separate sheet from the authorization, detail the basis for determining the hourly rate of pay and include the executive officer’s approval.