Employee Assistance Program

All employees who are eligible for PCC medical insurance, as well as all Part-time Faculty with active jobs teaching credit classes, are eligible to receive free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services administered through Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH). 

The EAP provides services to help people privately resolve problems that may interfere with work, family, and other important areas of life. The EAP provides FREE and confidential services to eligible employees, as well as their spouse or domestic partner, dependents, and household members, related or not.

  • Confidential Counseling - up to five face-to-face counseling sessions for each new issue, including relationship, family, stress, anxiety, and other common challenges.
  • 24-hour Crisis Help - toll-free access for you or a family member experiencing a crisis.
  • RBH eAccess - convenient access to on-line consultations with licensed counselors.
  • Childcare Services - childcare professionals provide information and support on parenting, school issues, adoption, college planning, teenager challenges, summer camps, daycare, and other important issues for parents.
  • Adult and Eldercare Services - adult and eldercare specialists assist in finding quality information and services including transportation, meals, exercise, activities, prescription drug information, in-home care, day care, and housing.
  • Legal Services - a free, half-hour consultation, by phone or in person, followed with a 25% discount in legal fees. Legal services are not provided for any employer related issues.
  • Will Preparation - a free, simple kit for member completion, returned for review by a legal professional.
  • Mediation Services - free consultations for personal, family, and non-work related issues such as divorce, neighbor disputes, or real estate. A discount of 25% is available if a professional mediator is retained.
  • Financial Services - free telephone consultations for financial issues such as debt counseling, budgeting, and college or retirement planning. A discount of 25% is available if a CPA is retained.
  • Home Ownership Program - free support and information about making smarter choices when shopping for a new home, making financing and/or refinancing decisions, relocating, or selling a home.
  • Identity Theft Services - support in planning the recovery process for restoring your identity and credit after an incident.
  • Convenience Resources - employees save time away from work while making requests via web or phone, including resource retrieval for such things as: vacation planning, social events, household services, activities and events, meals, transportation, groceries, clothing care, etc. RBH locates the needed information within three business-days of the call.
  • Interactive Website - employees take health, emotional, and productivity assessments, and then set goals, participate in healthy challenges, journal progress, and communicate with others sharing similar goals. Access code: OEBB
  • Health Coaching - free health coaching by phone and email to help set and achieve personal goals. Coaching supports all types of life improvements, including weight management, quitting smoking, exercising, and positive living.
  • Personal Advantage - a life balance website with current articles on health conditions, tools for parenting, health assessments, health-topic movies, and other interactive tools including access to more than 50 online trainings.
  • Educational Webinars - free unless customized (more than 50 available on line).

To get help call RBH at 1-866-750-1327, or visit the Reliant Behavioral Health website. Access Code: OEBB

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