Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Ralph Sawning

After twenty-seven years working in labor relations, Ralph Sawning made the decision to give up his job so he and his wife could move to Oregon to care for his ailing mother-in-law. In the process, he suffered what he calls "a devastating loss of career," which eventually put him on the path to retrain for a career as a systems analyst.

After researching fields that are in most need of the new skills he is learning, Ralph hopes to eventually become certified as a CPA so he can write financial software for medium and large businesses.

Without support from the PCC Foundation, he says he wouldn’t have been free to study full time for his new career. "People just don’t reach out to other people as much anymore," he says, "and that makes the PCC Foundation donors pretty special. I would not only tell them thank you but do my best to convince them how special and rare they are."

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