Miller Foundation Scholarship Challenge

We met the Miller Challenge!

For the third and final year, the PCC Foundation will receive $320,000 in matching scholarship funds from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation. Thanks to gifts from scholarship donors, hundreds more students will receive the financial support they need to pursue their education.

The Challenge

Each year for the past three years, the PCC Foundation has been challenged to raise  $320,000 in new and increased scholarship contributions in order to receive $320,000 in matching funds from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation. Thanks to contributions from Foundation supporters, we have met the challenge every year.

During this time, the Miller Foundation has contributed a total of $960,000 to the PCC Foundation, while helping raise $1.6 million in new and increased scholarship donations. In more tangible terms, 700 PCC students will have received Miller Scholarships as a result of this match.

  1. Give online
  2. Or, call the PCC Foundation at 971-722-4382
  3. Or, mail a check payable to the "PCC Foundation" to:

    PCC Foundation
    P.O. Box 19000
    Portland, OR 97280

*Please indicate that your contribution is for general scholarships.

What does this mean for PCC students & our community?

More gifts mean more opportunity.

Wendy Sullivan

Your gift goes to help students like Miller Foundation Scholarship recipient Wendy Sullivan. “This scholarship means a great deal to me,” said Wendy. For this full-time radiography student and single mom, every dollar makes a difference. “It allows me to take out smaller student loans and devote more time to my studies while enjoying life with my three-year-old son.”

As PCC faces unprecedented need – with financial aid requests to the college increased 22 percent over last year – your support and the support of the Miller Foundation have made an invaluable difference to hundreds of PCC students and their families.