Golf Classic – Format

2005 tournament

The play is a four person "scramble" event. This is the most beneficial format to keep play moving and to make it fun for all player levels. You may sign up as a team, pairs, or individually.

You will be asked to give your average score for 9 holes of golf. No handicaps please, as most of our players do not have them. If you don't know just estimate based on your last round played. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Joanne or Kathy. As we figure a handicap for each team it is important that this number be given with the sign-up sheet.

All players will tee off at 3pm. This will be a "shotgun start," which means that all teams will be at different holes, and all will start at 3pm. You will be assigned your hole the day of the tournament. Information will be given to the team captains. You are required to check-in, obtain a cart, and score card.


2005 tournament

This is a four player scramble event. Each player tees off, the next shot site will be selected from the "best" tee shots. All players will hit from that spot. This procedure will be followed until the ball is holed out on the green.

Each player's drive must be used at least twice, this includes tee shots on the par three's. The scorer will keep track of each person's tee shots on the card as well as the team's total strokes.

All shots are to be played under "winter rules". Winter rules means that you may place your ball onto greener turf under the following conditions:

  • Your ball landed on the fairway, not in the rough and not in a hazard.
  • Your ball landed onto a bare patch of thin, dry grass that is atypical of the surrounding turf because of the season.
  • Your ball did not land in a divot.

Shots are marked with a tee or coin and the ball may be moved within one club length, (except for putts), no closer to the green. Putts may be moved no closer to the hole, to avoid putting through damage or casual water. Casual water is the name given to puddles or other accumulations of water on the golf course not designated as water hazards. A ball coming to rest within casual water may be moved without penalty. It may be cleaned before placing. Balls may be moved from casual water, including muddy areas, to the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.

How to Score

Scoring will be done on the Calloway system. At this time, we have absolutely no idea what this system actually is, but shall find out prior to, if not directly after, the tournament. Prizes and trophies will be awarded for the lowest gross score and the lowest net score. As the lowest net may be somewhat arbitrary, please do not expect to receive it.