Faculty, Staff and Retiree Campaign

Staff Contact: Nikki West

“Through my involvement in ASPCC, USHLI, and Future Connect, I have grown personally and professionally and have the confidence I need to pursue a degree in engineering. Thank you for believing in me and investing in my future!”
Liliana Sandoval, ASPCC student leader, scholarship recipient, future engineer

"We are family here at PCC. It’s remarkable to see the transformation from community member, to student, to community leader. Giving through the Faculty, Staff and Retiree Campaign is easy and even a small amount opens doors for our students and strengthens the PCC family."
Jaime Rodriguez, career specialist, FSR campaign star

“Receiving this scholarship really lit a fire in me to do my best. The investment in me will pay dividends for years to come in those who I will help. I look forward to starting my own scholarship one day for single parents, so more people like me can pursue their dreams and better their family situation.”
Michael Grant, T-ball coach, scholarship recipient, future drug and alcohol counselor

"I give because I believe in the welding program. I am amazed when I meet alumni on worksites and I am so proud of them and the work they do. It’s great to know that our students can be in our program for as little as 6 months and go out to work and support their families. That makes you feel good."
Scott Judy, PCC welding instructor, alum, FSR campaign champion

"I am so grateful for everyone at PCC who has supported me during my time here. Now I can focus on my studies and provide for my family while I follow my dreams. Your generosity helps students who are in tough situations to better their lives and on behalf of us all I thank you."
Brittany Murray, Women’s Resource Center student advocate, future social worker

"I started giving shortly after I began my career at PCC because I grew up in a single parent household and feel as though I can relate with a large majority of our students. I continue to give in my son’s memory. I take comfort in knowing that his legacy will live on in the students who will benefit from his scholarship."
Laura Horani, PCC ESOL and HR, FSR campaign star

Be an FSR Star

Over 40% of our students have to take on the burden of student loans to finance their education. And for many, financial aid is simply not enough. This is why student scholarships are so important. Scholarships do so many things for our students: scholarships recognize students’ hard work; scholarships provide encouragement to our students to persist in their studies; and scholarships give our students hope that they can achieve their dreams.

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The Impact of Your Gift

An example of what your gift would mean to one of our students:

  • $152 ($12.67 per month): Covers one GED test
  • $240 ($20 per month): Purchases two tools for a career technology student
  • $360 ($30 per month): Covers one four-credit class
  • $480 ($40 per month): Covers books for one term
  • $600 ($50 per month): Covers two three-credit classes
Many Ways to Give

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PCC Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a great way to give. You can choose to donate one hour's pay, or a specified amount each month.

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Direct Payment

A single direct payment can be made using a check, or your credit card.

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Pledge a Donation

You can also pledge to give a donation semi-annually, or quarterly.

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