Faculty, Staff and Retiree Campaign

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Give Erika Chavez

“This scholarship has given me the opportunity to study business administration and made one of my dreams a reality. At the same time, it motivated me to help others realize that there is no such word as ‘impossible.’ ”
— Erika Chavez, PCC Alumna and former PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient


Give Claire Oliveros

Dr. Claire Oliveros, program director of the TRIO ROOTS Program on the Cascade Campus, gives to support the success and retention of low-income, first-generation students, students of color, and students with disabilities. Claire understands the struggles that many PCC students face. She credits the student support services and scholarships she received in college with allowing her to complete her degree. Through her generosity, Claire is giving PCC students hope that they can reach their dreams as well.


Give Umar Ndiwalana

“Receiving a PCC Foundation scholarship has given me invaluable support and allowed me to pursue my dream to study nursing and help keep my community healthy. I am so grateful for this scholarship, which is a true blessing.”
— Umar Ndiwalana, PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient


Give Matt Scott

Matt Scott, a welding instructor at the Rock Creek Campus, gives to the PCC Foundation because of the simple philosophy his parents instilled in him­—give more than you get. His parents grew up in the Great Depression and said the two essential things to making it through were a college education and to give. Matt contributes to the PCC Foundation because it provides a meaningful path for him to give back and supports his students as they create opportunity for themselves at PCC.


Give Seth Rosenblum

“Having a PCC Foundation scholarship has allowed me to attend school full-time, which is a privilege I am thankful for. The opportunity to go back to school, become retrained and provide for my family gives me a sense of self-worth and self-reliance, the value of which cannot be overstated.”
— Seth Rosenblum, PCC Foundation Scholarship Recipient


Give Seth Rosenblum

Trina Hing, a faculty member at the Southeast Campus, gives to the PCC Foundation to help students pay for tuition and books and to encourage them to continue their studies. PCC Foundation scholarships inspire students to invest in their dreams. Trina gives because she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals through education.

Give to PCC

Over 40% of our students have to take on the burden of student loans to finance their education. And for many, financial aid is simply not enough. This is why student scholarships are so important. Scholarships do so many things for our students: scholarships recognize students’ hard work; scholarships provide encouragement to our students to persist in their studies; and scholarships give our students hope that they can achieve their dreams.

Please give now and give students PCC.


The Impact of Your Gift

An example of what your gift would mean to one of our students:

  • $120 ($10 per month): Covers one GED test
  • $240 ($20 per month): Purchases two tools for a career technology student
  • $360 ($30 per month): Covers one four-credit class
  • $480 ($40 per month): Covers books for one term
  • $600 ($50 per month): Covers two three-credit classes

    Many Ways to Give

    You can make a gift today.

    Our online form makes donating both fast and secure.


    PCC Payroll Deduction

    Payroll deduction is a great way to give. You can choose to donate one hour's pay, or a specified amount each month.

    Download the form »

    Direct Payment

    A single direct payment can be made using a check, or your credit card.

    Download the form »

    Pledge a Donation

    You can also pledge to give a donation semi-annually, or quarterly.

    Download the form »

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