PCC/WebEasy System Test

  1. As this page loads a Java Security warning might display. You must approve, or grant, the security request for the PCC/WebEasy content editor to function.
  2. The box to the left should show a rotating graphic until the editor has completed its download. Once complete you should see the editor with its toolbar.

    If the editor does not open, return to the PCC/WebEasy login page and review the system requirements. Note that you must have Java and JavaScript enabled in your browser for the editor to function properly.

  3. After the editor has opened, click inside the white area to position your cursor in the editor. Now type some content into the editor.
  4. Click on the "Submit content to window below" button. The content you entered into the editor should now be displayed below the editor. If not, be sure you have JavaScript enabled.
  5. If you completed these steps successfully, your system is prepared to author in PCC/WebEasy. If you experienced any difficulty, contact the PCC HelpDesk (x4400).
  6. Close this window.

After selecting the button above, your content should display here:

Content from editor will show here.