Photo ID Cards for Credit Students

id card graphicStudent photo ID cards may be required for many student services such as PCC shuttle service, computer labs, libraries and testing centers. There is no cost for your first student ID card.

How to Get Your ID Card

To get an ID card, do the following after enrolling for the current term:

  • Go to your campus Admissions and Registration office.
  • Bring proof of registration AND valid photo ID
    • The college considers valid photo identification as the following: a passport, Oregon Driver's License, military identification card, Alien Registration Receipt Card (with photograph) and photo identification cards issued by state or government agencies of the United States. Expired identification is not considered valid.
    • The college will also accept current Oregon public high school ID cards as a valid form of ID This form of identification cannot be used more than six months beyond the academic year listed on
      the card.

Current students

Your current ID card is valid until you get a new ID but services requiring a student ID with a photo will not be available until you have your new ID card.

Term Validation

There is still a need for the term validation stickers regardless of the type of ID card you have. These stickers can be obtained at Student Account Services or Admissions and Registration Offices with proof of registration for the term.


Benefits of your new student ID card include the following:

  • Discounts on travel
  • Movie theater discounts
  • Computer and other software discounts
  • Much, much more!

Where to Get Your ID Card

Replacement ID Cards - Replacement cards are available to students who lose their ID cards at a cost of $10 per replacement.


Contact the Enrollment Services Office at 971-722-8888.