How to change your major or degree

Screenshot of table in MyPCC that reads: what is my major? Answer: Interior Design. What is my degree? Associate of Applied Science.

Your major and degree in MyPCC.

What is my major and degree?

Your major is your program of study, and your degree is the specific degree or certificate that you are working towards.

To check your major and degree:

  1. Log in to the MyPCC Home tab
  2. Click My Profile in the Quick Links channel
  3. Your major and degree will be listed in your Personal Information

How do I change my major and degree?

You may want to change your major or degree because your interests have changed, you have a new career goal, or because you want a program that is eligible for financial aid.

  1. Wait until your window opens

    You can only change your degree during certain times of the year. The window to change your degree opens about two weeks before the first day of registration - see when to register for classes. The window closes when you register for classes. After you register for classes, you can no longer change your degree for that term.

  2. Log in to MyPCC and select a new degree

    Go to the Home Tab in MyPCC and click Verify or Change My Degree in the Registration Services channel. Select your new choice from the drop down list.

    • Be careful: if the degree shown is correct, don't reselect it. This would assign you to a new catalog year, which could change the requirements for your degree. Click the No Change button to verify your degree.
    • Some degrees, like nursing, are closed programs. To change your major one of these you have to apply with the academic program.
  3. Check your GRAD Plan

    Click Review my GRAD Plan on the MyPCC Home tab to see which classes apply to your degree requirements and plan your schedule. If the degree you are interested in does not display in GRAD Plan, click What If and choose your new degree.

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