Title III: FLAIR Program

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Veterans Advising

Mandatory Advising Workshops for VA students are scheduled for January and February, 2014. These workshop sessions will be held at each campus, and will teach veterans how to create an academic plan that helps them get the most out of their veterans benefits and their time at PCC.

“Only 40% of VA students reported confidence in registering for courses needed for their degree.” - VA Survey 2013

What is FLAIR?

FLAIR stands for Financial Literacy and Access to Improved Resources. The FLAIR program, sponsored by a Title III Strengthening Institutional Programs (SIP) grant, was created to improve student access to college-related finances and information.

Improved Resources

Here are some of the improvements and features that the FLAIR program has brought to PCC:

Payment Plans
To provide greater flexibility for students, enhanced payment plan options are now available from the MyPCC Paying for College tab. Payment plans allow students to spread the cost of their education into affordable payments.
New Payment Requirements
Students are now required to complete college-approved financial arrangements before the start of the term. This guarantees that students with financial arrangements will maintain their course registrations and helps move other students from waitlists.
My Account Channel
Students will now see a simplified summary of their bill in the student portal. The summary includes total charges per term, payments received, when the next payment is due, and any refund amounts to due to the student.
Online Tuition Appeals Form
Students are now able to file tuition appeals online instead of printing a PDF file and returning in person. This improves access for students with disabilities and decreases institutional processing time.
Financial Aid Dashboard
Financial aid students can now monitor their progress, address issues, and check their status on the MyPCC Paying for College tab.
Veterans Benefits Dashboard
Students receiving veterans educational benefits can now submit class schedules for certification and receive messages about the status of their certification in the MyPCC student portal.
Veterans Services Website
The Veterans Services site has been revised to better explain the step-by-step process veterans follow to use and keep educational benefits. Emphasis has been placed on academic planning, resources for veterans, and communication with PCC veterans specialists.
Financial aid refunds are now issued electronically, which greatly reduces the turn-around time for receiving financial aid refunds.
Student's Guide to Money
This guide helps students improve their financial literacy, so they can make smart decisions with their income, debt, and investments.
Managing Your Financial Aid
This educational module prepares students to responsibly take on student debt, including options to borrowing, tools to manage existing debt, and strategies for repayment. This knowledge helps students graduate with a manageable amount of debt, and prepares them for a stable financial future.
Your Scholarship Application Guide
FLAIR partnered with the PCC Foundation, Financial Aid Office, Office of International Education, faculty and students to create this educational module, which teaches beginners how to navigate the complicated, year-long process of creating a winning scholarship application.
Scholarship Awarding Process
FLAIR is working with the PCC Foundation to improve the scholarship awarding process, including faster application processing and providing more scholarship opportunities for students.