Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Supervisors who want to post new work study positions must submit their position through the Panther Works student job board. The position must be approved by the Work Study Coordinator. You will receive an email when your position is approved. You can request positions here: 

If you do not have access, you must request access. Follow the instructions to request access in the Panther Works job board. Once your request for access has been approved, you will be notified via email.

Wages for on campus student employees will be structured on three Levels, determined by the PCC Board of Directors, with Level I being no less than minimum wage. Minimum wage will be set according to the Oregon Minimum Wage law. See the current pay structure.

Student Assistant I: The student performs general tasks of a routine nature. Assignments are standard, limited, and of average difficulty. The student is under close supervision.

Student Assistant II: The student performs varied tasks of a specialized nature. Assignments are often complex and of more than average difficulty. Supervision and assistance is available with a minimum of direction.

Student Assistant III: The student performs specific tasks of a technical nature. Assignments require special skills or technical training or expertise. Supervision and assistance is available with a minimum of direction.