Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Once you have determined that you want to hire a student, you need to report the hire in the online job board (Panther Works). The Work Study Coordinator must approve the hire and create an employee file with HR. You are responsible to complete a Federal I-9 Form, a Federal W-4 Form, and a Direct Deposit Form with the student.

  • Submit the I-9 to the PCC HR office: HRIS, Downtown Center 321
  • Submit the W4 and Direct Deposit Form to the PCC Payroll office: Payroll, Downtown Center 1st Floor

Once a work-study student is hired they are expected to stay with this job for the entire academic year. Changing jobs is made on an exception basis. You must obtain approval from the Work Study Coordinator. Work study students are only allowed to be employed by one department, working in more than one department at a time is prohibited.

For students attending summer term, the award is generally $1125 each term. For students starting in fall,  the award is generally $1500 each term. Both total $4500 for the academic year. Any exceptions will be stated by the Work Study Coordinator.

Unused work study funds each term do not roll over to the following term. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by the Work Study Coordinator. If a supervisor is interested in exceptions to how funds are distributed per term they may contact the Work Study Coordinator.


Departments/organizations should only hire a student who has been awarded work study by the financial aid office. If a student is hired without work study funds awarded the department must be responsible for 100 percent of any earned wages.

Supervisors can check if a student has a work study award on the students award letter. Students should bring this to the interview.