Reporting and tracking hours

Checking work study hours remaining

It is the responsibility of the Federal Work-Study student and the supervisor to track the hours for both the term and year. Each approved position is approved for $1125 per term unless otherwise indicated by the Work Study Coordinator. The number of hours is based on the pay level. If a student does not earn all the funds awarded for a term, the funds do not carry forward into the next term. Each term's funding is considered independently. Starting in early July 2014 supervisors will be given access to run an Argos report to track the amount of hours their students have to work during the term. Instructions will be emailed by the Work Study Coordinator.

You and your work study student can also track their hours using the Work Study Balance Sheet.


Work study students may submit paper or electronic timesheets, but are encouraged to submit electronic timesheets.

The Web Time Entry (WTE) system gives PCC employees a better way to report, track, review, and pay wages. This system is designed to reduce errors and make it more convenient for you to report your time. You can now record your hours and make corrections to your timesheets and leave-reports from anywhere via the internet.

WTE makes getting paid much easier than using a paper timesheet system since:

  • It is easier to make changes to timesheets and leave-reports before submitting.
  • You can verify that your timesheet or leave-reports has been approved by logging in to MyPCC.
  • There is 24/7 access to timesheets from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Due to the self-service nature of the system, you have more control over your timesheet.
  • Timesheets cannot be accessed by unauthorized employees, making them more secure.
  • Timesheets cannot get lost in campus mail.

Instructions to submit electronic timecards are located at:

To set up acknowledger level approval or managerial level approvals feel free to contact Julie Kinney.